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With The Transhimilayan Network, Nischal Khadka opens our ears to emerging artists from Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet: all high Himalayan regions with a deeply rooted buddhist tradition. Connecting through isolation, these mountain states developed their own cultural traditions. The Transhimalayan Network attempts to present a variety of idiosyncratic forms of music and sonic art from around the Himalayan regions with lectures and workshops by experts in various fields tethered to sound, performance, and visual arts.

The ethos of this collaborative network is fundamentally decolonial – aiming to direct its resources, visibility and focus towards contributing to support and sustain a healthy context for art and specifically music in the trans Himalayan region, making sure that the decisional power remains in the hands of the local artists, audiences and contributors.

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Nico Daleman (1989) is a Colombian-born sound artist and musicologist based in Berlin. His pieces explore sonic spatial perception, psychoacoustics, dynamic systems and stochastic processes in order to (re)create, re(interpret) and (re)(imagine) real and virtual spaces. Since 2023 Member of the Sound Art colective Errant Sound. Nico studied Audio Engineering, Musicology and Sound Studies & Sonic Arts in Bogotá, Boston, and Berlin.


I explore & perform experimental sounds in my bedroom (more so during the COVID-19 pandemic). My current sonic projects are mostly under my name (Dea Karina), tujuh kuda, or d3k4. I am also currently in several unreleased others. As my projects are scattered around the internet, I’ve decided to compile them here as a portfolio. I use various methods & instruments in my music production, including “stealing” radio broadcasts, a cigarbox guitar, DIY synthesizers, an analog synth, microphones & contact mics, effect pedal(s), looper(s), and DAWs. You can watch my bedroom performances on this page.

One of tujuh kuda’s albums was featured in The Wire 2020 and I have played in festivals such as Jogja Noise Bombing Festival (2018 & 2020), SOTU Online Festival 2020, Waltham Forest Borough of Culture 2019. My works have been released by The Dark Outside (UK), Noise Bombing (Indonesia), Dubbed Tapes (Aotearoa) and Mindblasting Netlabel (Yogyakarta).

I also do clay art, pottery, and painting. I am currently working in Berlin