☁️ 6.1

Ariel present #ssuarrasa 01 

The debut episode of SSUARRASA features our friends and colleague Sarnt Utamachote from Unthaiteld. The episode kicks off at Movingpoets Novilla, where Ariel and Sarnt team up to cook the infamous Thai street food dish, Pad Kra Pao. Amidst the cooking process, Pad Kra Pao becomes a catalyst for conversation, sparking discussions around culinary culture in general and offering reflections on the diasporic significance of certain national dishes, often viewed through the lens of "nation stereotypes," particularly from the perspective of the white gaze and its romanticized and problematic perceptions. The dialogue transitions to the ASSOY pop-up installation, where they talk about the high and the low being southeast asian living in berlin, past and current practice, being fragile and ecstatic, and so on. This episode also includes Ariel's recipe for Pad Kra Pao and a selection of tunes curated by Sarnt.

Visit here to find more details including recipe from dishes that they made!

☁️ 6.2

#soyandsynth 2023 set 6 feat Oyèmi Noize M Takara, recorded from ARKAODA Berlin

Oyèmi Noize is no stranger to the alternative music scene in Germany.Over a decade of shredding in noisy bands and international touring under her belt,she started a journey of creative and peronal self discovery. Accessing parts of her personality as an artist and a human being, brought some very necessary healing with it.

Tipping her toes to test the waters she came through with 2 dancy melancholy singles
in 2021 with a mixture of Synth Pop, Acoustic Indie paired with a Hip Hop drumset.In 2023 Oyèmi Noize is honoring her musical roots by releasing an acoustic EP
containing 6 songs with the titel „I Know It Hurts But Trust Me We Will Be Ok“.

On „I Know It Hurts ...“ she's exploring subjects such as heartbreak, empowerment,mental health & community. As shown in her previous work, Oyèmi Noize is not shying away from catchiness and melancholy, this time mixed with a breeze of cheekiness

and sass.


Mauricio Takara is a drummer / percussionist /improviser from São Paulo, Brazil; where he has long been a key player in the experimental music scene as a member of São Paulo Underground (with Chicago trumpeter Rob Mazurek) and of the sextet Hurtmold. Recently relocated to Berlin, Mauricio has consistently played as a duo with electronic musician Carla Boregas, with whom he released a new record called Grande Massa d'Água on Hive Mind Records, and played festivals like the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Rewire and Radical Sounds Latin America. Mauricio is also a frequent collaborator of the Exploding Star Orchestra (Rob Mazurek's large ensemble), as well as an active member of Berlin's improvising scene, often sharing sessions with local musicians like Vinicius Cajado, Camila Nebbia and Mya Dyberg.In the past years, he ́s played with a wide range of artists from different styles and nationalities such as Joe Lally (from the band Fugazi), Nana Vasconcelos, Mia Doi Todd, Damo Suzuki, Yusef Lateef, Prefuse 73, Pharoah Sanders and Archie Shepp, to name a few.

He also records and performs solo, where he dives deeper into the exploration of the possibilities of acoustic percussion in conjunction with electronics, creating a more melodic and textural approach to rhythmic compositions and improvisations.