V°L#05 📻


☁️ 5.1

ASSOY 5.1 Fragility,anti-fragility,braveness and brave space - curated by @lo_loaf#mutatingkinshiplab ♻️

Emma Lo presents four sound essays on the sensorial experiences of the lab’s central themes of fragility/antifragility, braveness, and brave space. Lo invited the lab participants and team to respond to four prompts, and formed the sound essays from their responses, ambient and micro recordings of the lab, her personal archive, and acoustic and digital instrumentation. Inspired by how MKL facilitates deep listening, Lo presents an intimate patchwork of MKL’s collective imaginations and memories through sonic impressions.

This work features sound and textual input from @mooniperry Mooni Perry, @p.8ein Park Hye-In, Marque-Lin Pham @marque_lin , @han_wen_zhang Hanwen Zhang, @hany.tea Hany Tea,
@benazir_i Benazir braimova, and @_ravenative_ Ariel William Orah. It includes a reading of the poem
„대야미의 소녀 황야의 트랜스젠더“ by 황병승 Hwang Byungsng.

Emma Lo (she/her) is a writer, researcher, and artist based in Berlin. She is currently a doctoral researcher at the Freie Universität Berlin, as a part of the project “Acoustic Disruptions” led by Prof. Dr. Doris Kolesch in affiliation with Intervening Arts Research Center (SFB 1512) and the Department of Performance Studies (Institut für Theaterwissenschaft). Her research and practice focus on the intersections of sound, technology, and diaspora.

👉🏼 https://linktr.ee/emmayqlo


🤖 ASSOY 5.2 : #soyandsynth 2023 set 5 feat 👉🏼 Marina Cyrino @marina_cyrino + David MengChuen Chen @cavid.dhen 🌶️ recorded from @arkaodaberlin ⏯️

Marina Cyrino is a Brazilian flutist, sound artist and researcher based in Berlin. She works across improvisation, composition, instrument building, performative installations, video art and written formats. Her flute playing is characterized by singular techniques developed through the use of inside amplification. The rhythmic approach, the extensive use of objects and balloons attached to the instrument and the use of disassembled flute parts are striking elements of her

playing. She is a member of the Brazilian experimental music label Seminal Records. She holds a PhD in music performance and interpretation from the University of Gothenburg.



David MengChuen Chen (they/them) is a Chinese-Canadian saxophonist and multidisciplinary researcher, based in Berlin. Their musical practice revolves around improvisational discoveries, via collaborations with human and more-than-human collaborators.