V°L #03 


Moong & Ariel present #leftoverklangwerk

@moongsoul and @_ravenative_ present 👉🏼 #leftoverklangwerk #02, in collaboration with @artlaboratoryberlin, recorded at @pankeculture 🔉featuring various sounds from self made instruments (made from trashes in wedding neighborhood) by these splendid souls 👇🏽

Elizabeth Littlejohn
Regine Rapp
Christian de Lutz
Emilia de Lutz
Mervin Wong
Tuçe Erel

Leftover Klangwerk is a socially engaged and sonic art creation activity in the form of participatory workshop and collective improvisation performance. The title inspired from the English word “Leftover” refers to waste, and German word “Klangwerk” which means “sound creation”. Inspired by circular design/upcycling methodology, both workshop and performance will introduce and invite the community to channel a form of freedom in the form of sound through the sound-making object, without the limitations of conventional music.

3.2 ☁️

#soyansynth 2023 set 3 : @lamujerparecidaami
& @klaasvonkarlos 🌶️ recorded from @acudmachtneu 🔉

Camila Nebbia is a saxophone player, composer, improviser, visual artist, curator and educator debasing hierarchical systems by exploring migrational counterpoints through multiple, but minimally separated, mediums. From Buenos Aires, Argentina, based in Berlin, Germany, the multidisciplinary artist layers her practice through the creation and destruction of archival memory.

Has released as a band leader and solo performer “A veces la luz de lo que existe resplandece solamente a la distancia” (Kuai 2017), “De este lado” (Club del disco 2019), Aura (ears&eyes records 2020),“Corre el río de la memoria” (ramble records 2021) and “Presencias” (Sound Holes 2021) “Una ofrenda a la ausencia” (Relative Pitch Records 2023), “La permanencia de los ecos” (577 Records 2023).

Played and recorded with many artists of the international scene such as Valentin Garvie, El devenir del río, Burka, Paula Shocron, Barbara Togander, Patrick Shiroishi, Paul Pignon, Vinnie Sperrazza, Katt Hernandez, Kenneth Jimenez, Lesley Mok, Violeta García, Axel Filip, Susana Santos Silva, Tom Rainey, Elsa Bergman, l’ Arfi collective of Lyon, Joanna Mattrey, Micheal Formaneck, Vincent Drombowski’s Flow regulator, Sofia Borges, John Hughes, among others.

Co-creator and curator of the collective interdisciplinary group and improvised music series “La Jaula se ha vuelto pájaro y se ha volado”, the interdisciplinary festival “Guillotina Fest'' and creator and curator of the streaming concert series called “A door in the mountain”. Runs the concert series and independent label “Disfigured Rivers” based in Berlin.

Participated of many festivals around the world such as Winter Jazz Fest NYC co-presented with M3 (U.S), Buenos Aires Jazz Festival (ARG), Lima Jazz Festival (PE), Diskurs Festival (DE), Ultima Oslo (NO), among others, and has assisted to several residencies such as, ART OMI (NYC), SIM (NYC) Jazz & Creative Music dictated by Tyshawn Sorey and Vijay Iyer (CA), Konvent Zero (ES) UNCOOL (CH), Ensemble Evolution (US), CirkusVranen (SE), CCK with Tim Berne, Marilyn Crispell & Ben Goldberg (AR), among others.

Studied classical saxophone at the Conservatory "Astor Piazzolla", jazz at the "Manuel de Falla" Conservatory, Film Direction at the Universidad Del Cine, and the master degree program “CoPeCo Contemporary Performance and Composition at Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in Estonia, Royal College of Music in Stockholm in Sweden, National Superior Conservatory of Music Dance of Lyon in France and Hamburg University of Music and Theatre in Germany.  Was part of the second cohort of Mutual Mentorship for Musicians M3 created by Jen Shyu & Sara Serpa 2021, and was a curatorial fellow at the Experimental Sound Studio of Chicago 2022.

Camila Nebbia is endorsed by D'Addario Woodwinds.

Klaas von Karlos is one of the musical aliases of filmmaker, writer, and audiovisual artist Jon-Carlos Evans. He is a graduate of Webster University (BA, Film Production) and the City College of New York (MFA, Media Arts Production). His audiovisual works fuse twisted samples of capitalist, western & religious agitprop against images and sounds of the Afro Diasporic experience with syncopated industrial drums, ambience, and dialectic imagery to create a sensory experience that is part sonic essay and dissonant revival.

In 2009, he founded the audiovisual collective ReVerse Bullets in Brooklyn with original members Marcus Pinn and Aedelwulf. The debut release, 2012’s “Drapetomania!” was nominated for “Best Mashup” at the MashRome 2013 Film Festival. 2020’s “US” from the EP “Stockholm Syndrome” was selected for the New York Live Arts exhibition “Curating the End of the World,” organized by Reynaldo Anderson, Tiffany E. Barber and Stacey Robinson at the Times Art Center.

As KVK, he has also collaborated as  a member of the projects BIINDS, Naked Sweatshop (w/ Kyoko Takenaka), Divan Rouge (w/ Ulises Labaronnie), and OXI (w/ Ememe). From 2013 - 2019, he curated the GLITCH performance series in various venues in Berlin and NYC, hosting such artists as Jessica Ekomane, Onyx Ashanti, Sofia Portanet, Sara Persico, Eiliyas, Infinite Livez, et al. As a subdivision of Perfect Entropy Productions, GLITCH also operates as a music imprint, releasing albums from artists such as Munsha and R.J. Thyme.

Past residency selections and support include Elektronmusikstudion, Harvestwork Media Center, CTM/Transmediale, Ableton MIDI Hacklab, and Goethe Institut Kamerun. Notable past releases include “Dreampop Dysphoria” (as ReVerse Bullets), “The Mansa Musa Affair,” “Divan Rouge,”  and “The I, Shinjia Mixtape”(as Naked Sweatshop).

He also currently works as the Programme Lead for the Creative Production (Film) MA at Catalyst Institute for Creative Arts & Technology in Berlin.