V°L #02  

☁️  2.1

🔉 Pedro Oliveira & Ariel Orah‘s #jendelasonorama 2K23 vol 9 featuring dearest Gugulethu Duma, recorded from Hopscotch reading room wedding space

Jendela Sonorama is a communal listening and lecture-performance series developed in 2020 by Ariel Orah and Pedro Oliveira in collaboration with LK_W and Soydivision. In each session we host and present listening as a form of collective sharing and learning. Starting from but not constrained to our own personal record collections and research interests, we unpack affective sonic histories that deal, subtly or not, with the (often violent) devices, legacies, and complexities of colonialism. By understanding record collections as historical documents of a specific snippet of one's own identity, the sessions become improvised collages between existing material – songs and field recordings – and improvised, real-time creation responding to these materials. With that, it also blurs the idea of new music performance and DJ set, rejecting any well-defined point of entry or exit.


☁️  2.1

🌶️ 🤖 ASSOY 2.2 : #soyansynth 2023 set 2 : Naari & Robert Machiri

Robert ‘Chi’ Machiri born in 1978, in Zimbabwe is an artist who works primarily through sound mediation. Machiri’s work exists at the juncture of two streams of practice; his intuition and a post-disciplinary production of works that draw on discourses that are presented through embodied critique, learning and unlearning, interweaving sound, music and images. His most notable project PUNGWE is a mutable project that circles pan African soundings with related contemporary arts discourses and spaces.


Naari is a singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist from New Delhi, India. Her voice is an unmistakable talent; and her poetry and lyricism play with surreal landscapes, immigrant escapism and unrequited love.

Her musicality blends influences of folk, jazz and noir; maintaining repetitive arrangements with dissonant and harmonious colours.

Her debut album was released to critical acclaim in 2021. She currently lives in Berlin.