The third #ssuarassa episode was held outside Germany for the very first time! This one was recorded in the Philippines, specifically at Anima Art Space in Quezon City, Metro Manila. Huge thanks to Anima for hosting us!

On this occasion, Ariel presented a glimpse of soydivision's practices and framed the talk to share about collaborative and collective art practices along with other Philippines collectives: SYNTHICIDE, Don't Tell Nanay, and 98B COLLABoratory. Thank you for sharing your practices!

The dish that became the highlight of this episode was HALO-HALO, a typical Philippines dessert with many fruit ingredients. On the night, our host also cooked Bihon Pancit Canton (stir-fried vermicelli with pork and vegetables). Ariel tried to remake these two dishes as soon as he got back to Berlin, and here are the recipes he can share: https://www.arielorah.com/ssuarrasa-3.html 


For our collection of remixes, we invited artists to propose versions evoking Senyawa’s Alkisah as a reference point to express their voice from the milieux of Berlin. The nature and context of this hyper-’Western’ city can be heard in the pieces we created, but it is also infused with each of our own translocal histories, desires and voice.

Learn more about the project here:  alkisah.soydivision.berlin

Madrigal - Istana (Madrigal Version)07:24 video
Mogano - Menuju Muara (Mogano Remix) 04:55
Zufu - Alkisah II (Zufu Remix) 05:21
Peter Kirn - Menuju Muara (Peter Kirn Remix) 06:34
Istana (0636 Remix) 07:46
Nguyễn + Transitory - Senyawa Istana Remix (Nguyễn + Transitory) 06:56
Ghaliz - Kabau (GHALIZ feat. zzplv Version) 09:17
grau& - Alkisah (grau& Remix) 09:03
DJ Mix of all tracks 47:52