The workshop and lecture performance took place in the framework of PANKE INTERVENTIONS, a series of events took place between August and November in 2022. -- In the Bahasa language kentang means potatoes, while tanggung can define a plethora of words: to hold responsibility, to bear, to assure, to be half-hearted, to be awkward and to guarantee. Tracing the historical, migratory pathways undertaken by the spud, we propose an ode to the potato, this participatory research workshop explores the spectre of histories and imaginations that the potato, as a seed of desire and delight contains.In the first part of the workshop (“Planting”) we will gather to plant potatoes and reflect about the myths of potatoes, its stories, folklores and rhymes, as well as share anecdotes about the potato. In the second part (“Observing”) we will explore the potato from a microscopic point of view and also discuss toxicities and neutralising potatoes. And in the third part (“Showing”) the workshop invites the participants to enjoy a potato cooking session, which continues with a performance lecture and eating session later on.

Ariel William Orah is a sound artist, performer and curator. He was born in Bandung, Indonesia and has lived and worked in Berlin, Germany for the past ten years. His work and research interests include socially engaged art creation, social+climate injustice, as well as identity, memory, and scarcity. As part of his artistic practice, Orah works with various sound media, techniques and formats such as sound art, sound installation, sound performance, sound workshop, sound setting and sound composition for film and theater. Since 2008, Orah has presented his work in Germany, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Australia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. He is co-founder of the empathy-driven sound artist collective L-KW, the Berlin-based Indonesian contemporary art collective SOYDIVISION.BERLIN, and the non-profit arts and culture organization Diantara e.V.
Michelle Lai is an urban agricultural practitioner and forager from Singapore. She is a part of collective TANAH, which stands for soil, earth or land in Bahasa. It is an interdisciplinary collective engaged in the spaces around us. Through nature and food related interventions, research and dialogue, TANAH explores symbiotic relationships and forms of everyday participation.



By Agente Costura, Tomy Herseta, Ravenative

Recorded in Agente Costura Studio Emserstrasße Berlin on 25.08.2018
Mixed and Mastered in Utrecht by Tomy Herseta