☁️ 12.1

Pedro and Ariel present #jendelasonorama 2023 set 3 : zazuka, recorded from Morphine Raum

Zazuka a Jordanian-Circassian Berlin-based composer, producer, and songwriter. She has developed an authentic style for intercultural music arrangements and composition through her experience in bands, theatres, and Sufi poetry groups and various chamber ensembles. Her composition works have been performed in Berlin, Beirut, Cairo, Cologne and Amman. In her most current work, the EP "Azem yi Pxu", is a healing exploration of the multiple facets of her linguistic and musical identity. For Jendala Sonorama, she will continue to explore healing through acceptance of multiple facets of cultural identity based on onomatopeiac words and sounds of nature.

☁️ 12.2

👉🏼 ASSOY 12.2 #soyandsynth 2022 set 5 Carla Boregas + ghaliz recorded at berghain kantine