V°L #01  

☁️ 1.1 Debut Mix _ravenative
  1. Assoy jingle

  2. Graien - shatter

  3. Memeshift - Balikpapan

  4. Eiliyas - Peakin´Freakin´

  5. grau& - motif

  6. GHALIZ feat zzplv - Kabau (Senyawa remake)

  7. OLVRA - of hazy formant tones

  8. Debbie Chia - Arrowana

  9. Emma Lo - Heart opener

Welcoming ASSOY into our diverse universe.Mix #01 by Ariel Orah featuring tunes by #soyandsynth 2023 Team

🤖 1.2 : #soyansynth 2023 set 1 : Ruffo & Heartblood

Recorded live from #soyansynth volume 45 // 28.08.2023 // at PANKE 

Cristobal Ruffo, aka just Ruffo, Fugaz, Foo gas, Fú gas, is a chilean from the wonder ocean side city of valparaiso, ex Computer Engineer, but programmer to the heart forever, sound and synthesis explorer, old technology scrapper and repurposer. Since his early twenties has adopted exploration through different instruments and sources of sounds. It is under this honest interest where he finds peace and comfort to consolidate his expression and self acceptance, but is not until 2016 when he gets closer to electronic devices, either of musical nature or with different purposes but centered in noise/sounds such as toys, calculators, radios, etc. He eventually finds his way into electronic instruments but without forgetting what is available in the organic world of sound, heavily relying on sampling to combine these daily-life sources with other more purely analogic/synthesized forms. The results are sonic panoramas of iterations of little fragments of reality, found moments of percussion, screeching noises, voices, silence. Resampling and postprocessing will take everything to unrecognisable territories, inviting the listener to navigate their own feelings and conclusions around sonoric stimulus. These sound pieces have found place in the performative art fields, in which he has collaborated initially in Chile and now as well during his time in Berlin. This relationship with movement and Dance have provided an interesting field for him to escape the conventions of Music structure but without losing the scope for arrangement and composition: an organized chaos of sound participants, reworked sonic memories, old saved drum machines, resampled dying toys, metals of different brightness, all combined to extrapolate a very personal feeling.

HEARTBLOOD is the artist moniker of Berlin-based singer/songwriter Christine Roseann. Originally from California, the Filipina-American pianist has lived in Germany for almost a decade. During weekly livestream performances on Twitch, she improvises and performs cinematic piano pieces and melancholy anthems with a dark electronic edge, as well as candidly documenting her creative process. When she isn't writing songs, she coaches other artists through the ups and downs of creative living.